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About Us


Located in London, BISO LTD is a strongly committed company offering full start-to-finish services for a range of home renovations, extensions, and redesigns.

Our team works to aid and/or develop clients’ needs, whether it’s a complete picture or a small idea.

We aim to achieve 100% satisfaction through our dedicated team and consistent communication.

In comparison to other companies, the owner personally estimates each project and works with the client on every aspect of the job.

Equipped with high standards of workmanship and specialist services, our team helps the client visualise and achieve their desired space, whilst ensuring that the project remains on schedule.

We maintain a fully managed project tailored to the clients’ requirements.


With over 10 years of experience we are proud to offer our professional-grade services and skills.
Our company can provide every customer with individual approach, project planning, necessary tools/equipment, insurances and licences.
We can ensure a job is done on time